Robb Kelly, PhD has in his extensive research of addiction and recovery identified four key aspects that offer the best hope of recovery and differentiate us from traditional treatment.

Fear based thinking

Because Robb Kelly is both a recovered alcoholic and an addiction specialist – he recognizes and understands the disease from both personal and professional experience. Based on his own expertise and experiences, he recognizes three core concepts that keep most addicts and alcoholics rooted in their disease: fear, abandonment, and shame. He works to change and alter these mindsets in his Coaching sessions to finalize the solution to permanent recovery.

behavior study

The heart of what we do is based on the knowledge that an addicts mind and thinking are the problem. Thus, we must study the behavior of our clients’ and the behavior changes that may lead to relapse. Through daily interaction we study the disease and watch for changes that may manifest through body language, a change in mindset, or other altered behaviors.

one-on-one addiction recovery

At Robb Kelly Recovery Group, we offer exclusive one-on-one personal recovery coaching sessions that are based on the specific needs of an individual client. We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach.

Many treatment facilities will market individualized treatment, but the client is most often treated in a group setting. The client may see a case manager or counselor in a one-on-one setting but this is often a very small percentage of their actual treatment program.

unobstructed living environment

There is a false belief that a client needs a structured living environment during early recovery. Although we know that structure is critical to success, we believe in treating the client in their own living environment. The majority of treatment programs in the U.S are inpatient based. This means the client stays on site and is delegated to the facility in which they attend. They may leave the facility to attend 12 step meetings or medical appointments, but the majority of the time they are based on-site.


Many people who attend inpatient treatment state that the true test of recovery comes after you leave treatment. In an inpatient facility, you are safe and secure – drugs and alcohol are banned from the environment in which the client lives – and they are living amongst other addicts and alcoholics. The reality is that this type of treatment promotes a false sense of security. We believe that a client should experience life on life’s terms. They should have the freedom to recover in their own living environment. Our clients are free to experience life as it comes.

All of the staff at Robb Kelly Recovery Group are recovered addicts and recovered alcoholics. From our own experiences, we have joined forces to battle the disease of addiction. We know that our purpose is to transform our clients’ from their sickness to the solution. We help them fully understand the cause and conditions of their disease and we watch as they change drastically from hopeless to capable. Our clients’ gain hope from hopeless and power from powerlessness – they gain strength and they recover.


We are Robb Kelly Recovery Group and we are here to offer you the solution to permanent recovery. Are you ready to recover?